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Serving Florida Since 1988
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Fire Extinguisher Recharge & Training | Naples & Fort Myers

Advanced Fire & Safety provides many valuable fire protection services in Naples, FL and Fort Myers, FL and Sarasota, FL. We provide the services of fire extinguisher recharge, fire extinguisher training, and other important fire protection services.

Fire Extinguisher Recharge

Your business in Naples needs to keep its fire extinguishers recharged and ready in case of a disastrous fire. We can help. We can come on site and provide fire extinguisher recharge from our truck, so that you don’t miss a moment of valuable business time, and you can be assured that your fire extinguishers are recharged and ready to perform when needed.

Fire Extinguisher Recharge

We help you keep your business safe with fire extinguisher training in Naples, FL and fire extinguisher training in Fort Myers, FL. We can help assist you in all your fire protection training so that your employees are safe and ready to react properly in the case of a fire. We help your Naples business with fire extinguisher training, all as a part of our on site fire protection services in Naples.

When we come on site to provide fire protection services, those include fire extinguisher recharge and fire extinguisher training. Let us ensure your business in Fort Myers and Naples is safe.

Fire Extinguisher Training

Have your Naples fire extinguishers recharged by Advanced Fire & Safety today! And don’t risk letting an untrained employee battle a fire alone. Give all your Fort Myers employees the upper hand against a fire by allowing us to train them on how to use the fire extinguishers, and how to be safe while battling a fire. Don’t let an employee get seriously hurt in a fire. Hire Advanced Fire & Safety to provide on site fire extinguisher training to your employees!

Fire Extinguisher Training

Services We Provide

Advanced Fire & Safety sells quality products from trusted manufacturers Badger and Fireboy.

We also provide guaranteed fire protection services for our customers to ensure their structures, property and personnel are safe in the case of a fire.

Call Advanced Fire & Safety today if you are in need of any of the following services:

  • On-site annual maintenance including extinguisher recharging
  • Six (6) year maintenance of Dry Chemical, Halon 1211 and Halotron 1 fire extinguishers
  • Hydro testing of Dry Chemical, Halon 1211 and Halotron 1 fire extinguishers
  • Emergency and exit lighting services, including repair, testing and replacement of all types of batteries, bulbs and new fixtures
  • On-site annual certifications for fire extinguishers
  • Fire training, including hands-on demonstrations and training classes

What Maintenance Is Done On Fire Extinguishers?


Recharging of portable fire extinguishers shall be performed every 6 years in accordance with NFPA 10 code standards. This is a beak down of internal valve body parts and replacement of seals and valve stems. This is required because the rubber used in these parts which deteriorate over time. Maintaining the correct air pressure is essential for proper discharging of the fire extinguisher.

Annual inspection of fire extinguishers are required to check manufacture dates for the required 6 year and hydrotest requirements. Plus any physical damage, rust or corrosion to the fire extinguisher. Fire extinguishers shall be replaced every 24 years from dated of manufacture regardless of condition.

Hydrotesting is performed every 12 years from date of manufacture. This test is required to check the cylinder for any defects in the welds.

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