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Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

If you are a property manager of a condo or apartment complex in Southwest Florida, there are legal requirements that you may not be aware of when it comes to properly maintaining your fire protection equipment.

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Did you know that fire extinguisher cabinets protect your fire extinguishers from rusting, sun damaged and even theft?

Property managers should be aware of this because without cabinets, your fire extinguishers will have to be replaced more often! This is an expense and hassle that you can quickly alleviate by choosing to protect your equipment with fire extinguisher cabinets.

The proximity of metal fire extinguishers to the coastal area is especially vulnerable to rusting of the cylinder. If your fire extinguishers are not properly maintain, they may fail or … even worse … explode.

Proper annual maintenance detects problems like these before they turn into a disaster. For additional information on how we can provide fire extinguisher cabinets to protect your equipment, please call us at 800-765-0524.