Guaranteed Quality Products

Advanced Fire & Safety of southern Florida carries a multitude of top-quality products that are available when you need them.

We are proud to represent Badger and Fireboy fire protection equipment. We believe these products are the best on the market, and we strive to provide them at the best possible prices for our customers.

Fire Extinguishers

One of Advanced Fire & Safety fire extinguishers

Our most popular fire extinguisher products are the 2A10BC Dry Chemical, the Halotron I clean agent, and the Purple-K for extra high hazards from Badger Fire Equipment. These extinguishers not only meet the specifications required by law, but they are cost effective and offer excellent performance.

Extremely versatile effective in many typical situations, these extinguishers can provide peace of mind knowing they are ready to go in the event of a fire.

Emergency Exit Lighting

We sell and service EXIT signs & lighting

Stay in compliance with your city and state ordinances, and ensure your emergency exit lighting is in good repair and functioning properly. This equipment seems like an after thought, but is an essential part of any fire protection system. In an event of a fire, emergency exit lighting can mean the difference between life and death for your personnel.

First Aid Products

We sell and stock first aid kits

In the case of an injury, you need to be ready. We can provide a number of various first aid kits and other products that can assist with injuries to your personnel.


We provide all types of accessories for your fire extinguishers and other equipment. From cabinets and covers to signs and tags, from hoses and nozzles to brass and valves, we stock all the major accessories you will need.